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How to stay on point with your diet over the holidays

The holidays are almost upon us and while for many it may look a little different this year, food will still play a big part. Here are a few tips for those who are a little bit worried about over-indulging during Christmas.

1. Write it down

Chocolate, mince pies, cookies and other sweet treats are all part of Christmas. I am not suggesting to not enjoy yourself but do hold yourself a little bit accountable. Write down the total number of (for example) cookies you had in one sitting. With small things like that it’s easy to lose count and unconsciously ramp up the calories.

2. Plan ahead

Got Christmas lunch/dinner coming up? If you know that you have a big meal ahead of you plan around it by eating a bit less before or after. Chances are you are going to over-eat a bit when you laboured away in the kitchen all day to prepare a Christmas feast.

3. Reconsider the size of your plate

If you know that you struggle with portion control, I would recommend using a smaller plate. This will give you the illusion of having a full plate of food but in reality you have restricted your calories.

4. Take a break

Before going for seconds wait 10 minutes. It can take up to 20 minutes for your stomach to signal to the brain that your are full. Therefore, taking a little break might actually see you not wanting more.

5. Walk it off

Christmas is not the time to do intense workouts but going for a stroll after eating a large meal can actually make you feel better. Not to mention that even walking at a leisurely pace still burns calories.

I hope this will help you enjoy your Christmas. And don’t worry if all goes wrong I have an abundance of home workouts for you to try in January.

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