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I found Christina online during lockdown and we did online sessions. I do yoga but my core isn’t very strong and it has held me back and it’s been frustrating. Now I am so much stronger and more confident as well because Christina pinpointed areas to focus on. We did a couple of sessions a week and I then practiced what she gave me in between. I would highly recommend Christina to anyone who wants to feel and look better, especially if you are into yoga like me, but have had some problems advancing.


Christina helped me develop more upper body strength. I was always passionate about football and walking but wanted to start resistance training. With Christina’s coaching I got a detailed programme for the week to follow. We did both online and in person sessions and I was really happy to find that online personal training really worked (especially during Covid).


Christina was a pleasure to train with. She is calm, collected and above all listens. My goal wasn’t special (lose some weight and feel better) but I have a couple of injuries that Christina planned around really well so that I could reach my target weight. I found I was challenged but also that the sessions went really quickly because they were fun.


Christina has a real passion for this and is ready to help you fulfil your goals! I am at the beginning of my journey, but I have absolute certainty of my future progress and results.


Whether you’re trying to build muscle, shift some stubborn weight or simple be healthier/stronger then fitness refinery is for you! Your coach will keep you accountable without being too pushy or aggressive to help you achieve your goals in a way that fits with your lifestyle. When I first started training I was too scared to set foot into a gym and had never lifted weights before but now I’m hooked thanks to tailored and easy-to-follow programs created by my wonderful coach Christina


Meet your coach

I am Christina Paugger, Level 4 Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer and Online Coach. I help women who have been yo-yo dieting and can’t get results, finally take charge of their fitness and nutrition in the right way. My clients get all the tools they need to finally reach their health and fitness goals. The women I work with learn valuable skills and leave my coaching service knowing exactly how they can achieve the goals they set for themselves.