Terms and Conditions - Fitness Refinery - Online Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Exercising safely

Before you begin any exercise programme or begin to follow any of the personal training recommendations, advice or other instructions, you should first consult your doctor and have a physical examination. The recommendations, advice and instructions provided by Fitness Refinery personal trainers, are in no way intended to replace or to be construed as medical advice. Fitness Refinery and all associated personal trainers, offers no warranties or representations regarding the advice, instructions, email advice or any other information provided. You should be aware and accept that participating in exercise has a risk of causing injury, both minor and potentially major. Fitness Refinery and all self employed personal trainers shall not be liable for any claims, demands, damages, rights of action or causes of action, present or future, arising out of or connected to any instruction or information provided, including any injuries resulting there from.

Payments and Cancellations

Fitness Refinery requests full payment in advance for all personal training and online coaching services prior to commencement of contracted time period. This is non-refundable. Notification of cancellation for pre booked personal training sessions or weekly check-ins is required at least 24 hours in advance of the appointed time, to incur no charge. No notification of cancellation, or not arriving for the appointment incurs the full fee for the session or check-in.
All contracted personal training sessions must be used within 3 months from the first paid session with the exception of personal training sessions and weekly-check-ins paid by direct debit, which must be used within the calendar month in which they were paid. In the event that Fitness Refinery cancels a pre booked session providing less than 24 hours notice, Fitness Refinery must reschedule the missed session. All personal training sessions cancelled by Fitness Refinery and paid by direct debit must be rescheduled by the trainer with the client.

Your privacy

We recognise that privacy is a fundamental element of public trust and confidence in our service. We are well aware of client’s privacy concerns and as such, adopt responsible privacy standards to provide clients with privacy protections in accordance with GDPR 2018.


I understand and am aware that exercise and physical activity is potentially hazardous to my health. I understand that participation in physical activity may result in injury and possibly even death, and that I voluntarily choose to participate in activities that are included in any Personal Training or Online Coaching programme.
I accept any risk and accept full responsibility for my participation. I agree to hold Fitness Refinery, along with all franchisees agents, officers, employees and any affiliated companies from any liability with respect to injury or property damage arising from information, instruction or support given.

Promotional activities

Photographic evidence of a client’s session or a client’s progress may be used for promotional purposes. Where a client’s identity can be clearly seen within any image, full client consent will be required before it shall be used.

Medical disclaimer

It is the responsibility of the client to inform Fitness Refinery of any health issues or medication that may affect their safe participation in exercising. This is a continual requirement throughout the relationship as circumstances can change over the training period.

Any clients with a history, or family history, of high blood pressure or heart disease should consult a doctor prior to taking part in any intense activity with Fitness Refinery.