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Why eating carbs won’t make you gain weight

Carbs have been getting a bad reputation for a really long time now, so I thought it’s time you heard it from a trainer:

Carbs are not the enemy!

I want to make it clear that when I talk about carbs I mean things like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and oats. I think it goes without saying that we should all reduce our intake in white sugar, sweets and biscuits.
People often think in order to lose weight they have to give-up pasta, rice, bread, potatoes etc. But carbohydrates are a great, because it is easy for the body to convert into energy.
I encourage all my clients to eat a wholesome diet, meaning consuming all three macro nutrients carb, protein and fat. Both carbohydrate and fat are brillant energy sources in their own way. The body utilises either of these depending on the type of activity we are doing. When intensity is high but duration is very short (so your typical HIIT workout) the majority of your energy is taken from carbohydrates. If you perform an activity for a long duration (walking for several hours for example) at low intensity you will start utilising fat as an energy source.

So you may ask yourself which macronutrient to prioritise?
1. It depends on the type of training you do (ultra endurance or HIIT/strength where duration of effort is short but intensity is high)
2. It depends on your taste preference is. The only diet that really works is the one that you can stick to.

If you ask me I could not live without carbs because many of my favourite foods contain the macro nutrient. So stop avoiding carbs if you are afraid of weight gain. The most crucial factor when it comes to weight gain/loss is your overall calorie intake.

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