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You don’t need a gym for weight-loss

Weight-loss is the bread and butter of any PT, it’s what most clients want. But there seems to be this inherit idea that losing weight has to involve a gym membership. That’s not true! You don’t need to hop on the treadmill 4 times a week to shed some pounds. But why would you believe me without proof? I totally get it, if I wasn’t in the business of health and fitness I would be sceptical too. So let me give you a real-life weight-loss example.

Before (left) / After (right)

Here is an example of a client losing 5kg in 3 months. This was achieved purely from home, as it was during the first lockdown when gyms were closed. The goal here was to lose as little muscle as possible and I am pleased to say that my client was still able to do the same number of pull-ups as before losing the 5kg; he was still able to bench-press 75kg and most importantly he kept the weight off afterwards. What did we do? A combination of circuit training/HIIT and a calorie deficit. We kept the protein high to avoid excessive loss of lean mass (= muscle) and kept both diet and exercise consistent for 12 weeks. If you think losing weight at home is not possible you couldn’t be more wrong – your body doesn’t care if you are at home or in the gym, as long as you are moving and adapt your diet in the right way you will lose weight.

If you want to workout from the comfort of your own home but need extra support and a structured plan – check out my 12 week programme designed for weight-loss.

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